Prabhas Out From Bahubali Hangover!

Thu 30th Jun 2016 06:50 PM

Bahubali Throws Prabhas In Trouble!

Prabhas Next Movie With UV Creations On 70 Crores Budget
Prabhas Next Movie With UV Creations On 70 Crores Budget

The biggest disadvantage of working on one movie with Rajamouli is heroes go into a row of flops for their later projects. From Junior NTR to Ramcharan to Prabhas, everyone stood as strong examples to prove the sentiment right. It took years and years for them to gain the careers back. Truth is simple. Rajamouli is known for fattening star heroes into super stars. This is the area where audiences begin to expect much more from heroes resulting in series of failures because we do not have more directors to match Rajamouli caliber exactly.

Not just one, Prabhas worked with Rajamouli for two back to back films viz. ‘Bahubali - The Beginning’ and ‘Bahubali - The Conclusion.’ After watching Prabhas as Bahubali, how far we audience would accept his next movie characters? So, tough challenge ahead for UV Creations and director Sujeet is to prepare a script as powerful as ‘Bahubali.’ That's a cool news... dude. 


If reports from film circles are to be believed, UV Creations is planning to bankroll nearly Rs.70 Crores on Prabhas next movie with a thrilling action subject to be lavishly shot. Apparently, it is primitive to dig more into details but if everything goes well, Prabhas along with his Fans will be rolled out of ‘Bahubali’ hangover with his very next film.