Summer Films Taught These Lessons

Mon 30th May 2016 10:43 PM

Summer Films Teaching These Lessons

Summer Films Lessons to Industry
Summer Films Lessons to Industry
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This Summer taught many lessons to the movie goers and filmmakers. Following are some of the lessons taught by Summer films.

* Filmmakers need not much bother about the first day talk and poor reviews of movies as this Summer witnessed some of the movies getting contrasting results irrespective of first day reports. 

* Online polls, winning and buying awards can't pull the audience to theaters. 

* US audience gradually started differentiating good and bad films irrespective of some extraordinary factors in the region. 

* If there is a stuff, movies with strange titles like 'Bichchagadu' also score hits amidst heavy competition.

* It was also evident too much interference of heroes in movie making may also spoil the dish. 

* People are not willing to own overrated rankings of actors which were being promoted by some of the industry folks and some media houses.

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