Newspaper Skips AP Spl. Status News!

Sat 30th Apr 2016 03:37 PM

Padma Effect: Newspaper Skipped AP Special Status News!

Newspaper Avoided AP's Special Status News
Newspaper Avoided AP's Special Status News

Number one Telugu Newspaper is said to be pioneer of powerful bias in India. Although the Newspaper has been the hardcore devotee of the ruling TDP in AP for the past three decades, it has started extending its loyalties to the BJP from 2014's general elections. 


Having been impressed with the services of the Newspaper, the union government honoured the head of the Newspaper with Padma. And now this is the time for the Newspaper to payback for the BJP. 

As one of the union ministers made it clear that AP would not need special status, BJP has been bashed from all sections of people and political parties. All Newspapers published the news in headlines in the first page. As expected earlier, our biased Newspaper didn't publish the matter in the first page. The news was finally seen in the sixth page with the superb heading, " Nidhulisthundagaa AP ki prathyeka hodha enduku?" 

Meanwhile, BJP's supporters have been delighted with the great support extended by the Newspaper. " We wish the Newspaper should become one of the best pamphlets of the world," says an activist of the BJP.