Perfect Stage Set for Sardaar Mega Records

Fri 08th Apr 2016 04:30 PM

Stage Set for Sardaar Gabbar Singh's Mega Records

Perfect Stage for Sardaar Gabbar Singh's Huge Hit
Perfect Stage for Sardaar Gabbar Singh's Huge Hit
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All roads will lead to 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' theaters on 8th of this month to acknowledge another historical feat of a Telugu cinema. 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' is going to be one among the very few films of 84 years of the history of Tollywood, to be getting maximum openings on the first day of its release. Checkout the unprecedented records to be created by SGS on its opening day.

* First time in the history of a Telugu cinema, SGS is releasing in 50 countries across the globe on the same day. On an estimation of 300 premiere shows are being planned in US.

* Premiere show tickets are priced between $50 and $30 in the US.

* Approximately 250 benefit shows are planned on the midnight of 7th of this month in AP and Telangana, a never seen record indeed! And the tickets are priced as Rs.1000, Rs.2000 and so on based on their demand.

* Fortune favours SGS makers in North India, as the movie faces no ire of another Hindi movie. The Hindi version of SGS is releasing in 800 screens.

* The movie, now, has great chances to cross 'Baahubali's first day share of Rs.21 crores in AP and Telangana. SGS is expected to collect between Rs.25 cr.ore and Rs.30 crores world wide on the day one of its release. 

* All in all, SGS is all set to create mega opening records in the first weekend of its release. If at all, the movie gets positive talk, sky is the limit for its collections. Let's hope for the best.

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