'Naannaku Prematho' Losses in These Areas!

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'Naannaku Prematho' Faces Losses in These Areas!

'Naannaku Prematho' Suffers Losses!
'Naannaku Prematho' Suffers Losses!

Young Tiger NTR's 'Naannaku Prematho' has done exceptionally well in Overseas area collecting more than Rs.10 crores share. The movie was sold out for Rs.6.20 crores. Also, the movie brought cheers to the buyers of Karnataka with Rs.5.25 crores (sold out for 4.50 cr.), Rest of India with Rs.1.00+ cr.( sold out for 1.00 cr.), and East Godavari with Rs.2.97 cr. ( sold out for 3 cr.). However, the movie had to incur the losses in most other areas as given below.


* In Nizam the movie was sold out to Rs.13.50 crores and as of now the film accumulated Rs.10.22 crores share. As such, the movie may suffer the loss of 3 crores in the territory.

* In Ceded the movie was sold out to Rs.7.20 crores but collected Rs.6,06 crores.

* The movie collected Rs.1.41 crores but was sold out for Rs.1.70 in Nellore.

* In Krishna, the movie fared Rs.2.27 crores but was sold out to Rs.3 crores.

* The movie was sold out to Rs.4.05 cr. and Rs.4.50 crores in Guntur and Vizag respectively but accumulated Rs.3.10 cr. and 3.55 crores in the areas.

* In West Godavari, the movie may get no loss and no gain. The movie was sold out to Rs.2.52 crores but collected Rs.2.40 crores. 

* In full run, the movie collects around 50 crores. The movie's theatricals were valued to Rs.54 crores which include prints and publicity charges.