Channel's Bias on 2015's Films Statuses Review!

Thu 31st Dec 2015 07:30 PM

Channel's Biased 2015 Films Statuses Review!

Channel's Bias on 2015's Films Statuses!
Channel's Bias on 2015's Films Statuses!

A top news Channel, which fights 'for a better society', is said to be biased towards the ruling TDP in a dignified way. This 'group' based media shows its bias on TDP and a few stars with a classical touch. This media has two favourite heroes and both belong to the same 'group'. The Channel has been trying to project these two heroes as number ones but the attempts seem to have not materialized even after ten years. While one hero, stands top in openings only in one area across the globe, another hero has no blockbusters for many years. With the Channel's fortune a top family could not deliver any blockbuster this year. Obviously, the Channel was cheered and chilled with the happenings and went on a bias filled 2015's review with great merriment. There have been many blunders in the Channel's reporting. Checkout the following mistakes.


* The Channel claims Prince Mahesh and Young Rebel Star Prabhas as 'Heroes of the Year'. However, critics and movie lovers opined that 'Baahubali's success credit goes to Rajamouli only and Mahesh should be considered the solo 'Hero of the Year'.

* The Channel mentioned 'Temper' as a hit film. However, the movie just stood as an above average grosser at the box office with minor losses in some of the areas in AP and Telangana.

* The Channel tried to degrade 'S/o Satyamurthy' as a routine entertainer with the routine performance of Allu Arjun. It was understood the Channel desperately tried to project 'SoS' an above average grosser and 'Temper' a hit film. In fact, 'SoS' collected Rs.10 crores more share than 'Temper'.

* And more strangely, the Channel mentioned all senior stars got disaster results this year including Megastar Chiranjeevi. In fact, Chiranjeevi has just played a cameo role in the movie and it should not at all be considered as his movie. The Channel's jealousy on Chiranjeevi has been spotted here. 

* Having gone through this review, it is understood that the Channel has proved a Telugu idiom right and it goes on 'Kothiki Kobbarikaya Dorikinattu'. Here, the Channel got two coconuts and has gone to jubilation.