Discussion Topic: Too Many Heroes in Mega Camp-Good or Bad?

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Many Heroes from Mega Family a Right or Wrong Move?

More Mega Heroes Launch Turns a Discussion Topic
More Mega Heroes Launch Turns a Discussion Topic

As one more hero from mega family, Vaishnav Tej, is going to have his debut soon, the news turned out to be a debatable topic among the movie goers. Vaishnav Tej will be 9th mega hero to be launched and no family in Indian film history introduced big number of heroes from the same generation. However, this factor is being praised by some of the movie lovers while some more cine goers are disparaging mega family. Let's get the consolidated views of both the parties. 



* Too many heroes from the same family restrict the chances of other heroes in the industry.

* Mega family is forcibly launching too many heroes.

* Everyone is using Chiranjeevi's legacy and Chiranjeevi is not taking any measures to control them.


* In spite of numerous heroes being launched as heroes, none of the heroes has been failed as a hero. Most of these heroes have got expertise in acting, dances and fights.

* Big number of heroes from same family in turn reflects the power of Chiranjeevi in Tollywood.

* Many young talented directors and technicians can prove their mettle with new Mega Heroes and Mega Heroes also get bright opportunities working with them. As such, all of them mutually get benefited. 

CONSOLIDATED REPORT: Owing to the emergence of media, talented actors and technicians can easily be elevated even without a family's background. If a hero is talented, he can easily be shined like Nani, Naga Sourya and Raj Tarun. in contrast, heroes from big families can easily be faded out if they are not received well by the audience. Newcomers can avail the family background only with their debut ventures. In short, no audience is crazy about spending hundreds of rupees to encourage the family. Ultimately, talent matters.

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