RGV Forgets These Legends Who Done Remakes

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Why Has RGV Forgot These Legends?

RGV Forgot Legend's Remakes
RGV Forgot Legend's Remakes

Rgv conveyed a wonderful message that whoever acts remake movies adopting the stories of other languages is understood that they humiliate Telugu's pride. Unfortunately, all legendary heroes of Tollywood have done remake films. Checkout the following list which has only few of the remakes or copy films enacted by legendary heroes.


* LATE NTR: Some of the films of late NTR were copied from Hindi films such as 'Deewar' (Magadu)', 'Zanjeer' (Nippulanti Manishi), 'Yadonki Baarat' (Annadammula Anubandham). 

* LATE ANR: Some of the movies of ANR were made with Bengali novels such as 'Swayam Siddha' (Arthangi), 'Bade Dheedhee' (Baatasari), 'Devadasu' (Devadasu).

* KRISHNA: Krishna's 'Ram Robert Rahim' was the remake of 'Amar Akbar Anthoni'.

* SHOBAN BABU: Shoban Babus 'Jeevana Theeralu' was the remake of 'Roti Kapada Our Makaan'.

* JAGGAIAH: Jaggaiah's 'Ame Yevadu' was the remake of 'Woh Kaun Thee?'. 

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