Anti Fans Plans Against 'Bruce Lee'?

Tue 06th Oct 2015 02:01 PM

Anti Fans Desperate Plans on Dussehra Releases?

Anti Fans Interesting Plans Against 'Bruce Lee'?
Anti Fans Interesting Plans Against 'Bruce Lee'?

As the release dates of 'Rudhramadevi' and  Mega Power Star Ram Charan's 'Bruce Lee' are on the way, some of the Anti Fans go on a state of vulnerable, predicting record breaking collections of the movie. As we all know, some of the movies recently got benefited to the core with good collections due to hike in ticket rates and good number of benefit shows before their releases. 


It is heard that some of the Anti Fans of 'Bruce Lee' from Ananthapuram and Dharmavaram are requesting the officials to cut down the hike in ticket prices of Dussehra releases such that the movies are watched by all people with normal ticket rates. Though the demand appears to be justified, the intention behind that demand is found fault by the critics. 

" Some heroes fans who have no records and some more fans who worry about their records to be broken out may fear of the collections of festival's releases. However, they should understand the fact that black market gains momentum with chopping down of ticket fares. If at all they wish their heroes to create records, they should wait until their heroes films hit the screens, despite worrying about festival season's movies," says a source.