Potti Sriramulu Did Not Do Like This!

Thu 07th May 2015 02:48 AM
Potti Sriramulu Did Not Do Like This!
Potti Sriramulu Did Not Do Like This!

Nowadays hunger strikes appear to be fashion for politicians. Some people may feel 'hunger strike' is an easy route to become identified and famed. However, late Potti Sriramulu's fast-unto-death hunger strike should be a lesson for every politician or celebrity who goes for hunger strikes for personal causes and benefits. Checkout the following how Potti Sriramulu was genuine at his hunger strike.

* On 19th of October, 1952 Potti Sriramulu undertook hunger strike demanding a statehood for Telugu speaking people from Madras Presidency. 


* Unlike today's politicians, he did not take the help of media to be focused and elevated. 

* He was not backed by any political party for his hunger strike unlike today's politicians.

* The hunger strikes of present generation's politicians are lasted for 4 to 7 days. Later, they are arrested and hospitalized. They are injected fluids as well. Everything appears to be artificial and honesty is seen nowhere else. 

* Unlike today's politicians Potti Sriramulu kept caste factors aside in his sincere hunger strike. 

* Finally, Potti Sriramulu breathed his last on 15 December, 1952 after observing hunger strike for 58 days. His demise was followed by rioting and turmoil everywhere. Finally, then PM Nehru announced a separate Andhra state would be formed. 

** Instead of craving for publicity, our politicians and celebrities should take up agitations sincerely getting the inspiration from Potti Sriramulu.