Sonakshi Sinha Exclusive Interview

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Sonakshi Sinha Exclusive Interview
Sonakshi Sinha Exclusive Interview

Hello Sonakshi.. Welcome to Hyderabad!

Helloo.. Thanks Alot


How do You Feel Seeing That Your Carrier Building Up Day By Day?

It has been highly fulfilling .More than anything else I strongly believe in destiny and its part in my successful film career. Otherwise I wouldn’t have got a chance to act opposite a star like Salman in my first film itself! Now, I got the golden chance to act with World’s Superstar Rajnikanth in my first Tamil debut. I can call myself a living example of destiny!

Please Tell A Few Words To Your Fans And Audience Regarding Lingaa Movie..

The film is going to be released as a huge gift for Rajnikanth’s fans on his birthday! I sincerely request everyone to watch the film and I am sure it would be an enjoyable experience.

Did You Get Any Grip Over Tamil Language While Do This Tamil Film?

(Smiles) Well no! It would look like boasting if I say I know Tamil well because the only word I know is Konjum. If I get good offers in Tamil later, I would definitely make an attempt to learn the language.

Did You Plan To Play Some More Roles In South Indian Cinema?

Definitely. In fact I am planning my career in such a way that I would gain a grip over South Indian film arena.

Please tell us more about Lingaa and your working experiance on the sets.

Lingaa is a period film. I played a character which is set in 1940s backdrop. My costumes, look and appearance is completely based on that timeline and I sincerely followed what my director K.S.Ravikumar sir told me. I must admit I was treated like a queen on the sets with such warm and affectionate cast and crew!

What was your first Expresion While you known that you are going to act with a co-star like Rajini Sir? 

I was been shocked for a minute.I was thinking I was most nervous until I met Rajni sir and heard him saying he was quite nervous too! The reason he said is that he is a good friend of my father and he should make me feel more comfortable while acting. The last time I met him was at his house with my Dad and the next meeting was on the sets of Lingaa . He is the most down to earth person I’ve ever known. He is the best co-star in the World and I think that is the reason why he is called a Superstar!

Your Upcoming Films?

I am doing remake of Galli and another Bollywood film Tevar produced by Boney Kapoor. The film is releasing on Jan 9 and I am extremely hopeful about it.

How do you react when you hear rumors being spread about you?

Well, I am oblivious to such rumors until somebody tells me about it. The more I know about them I feel much worse that is why I choose to ignore such nonsense!

You seem to do more films with Prabhu Deva. Is there any specific reason behind it?

Prabhu Deva is a good director and a great choreographer. I got good roles from him. Success is of utmost importance to me and hence I am doing more films with him. He is nice at heart and a great personality off the shoot as well. Usually I select a film based on story and I care much less if people find a problem with it!

We heard that your mom brings lunch carrier for Prabhu Deva during sets?

My mom brings carrier to any film maker if not Prabhu Deva alone. She takes great care of everyone usually!

What was your experiance working with your female co-star Anuksha for Lingaa?

As our characters are based on different timelines, we didn’t have common scenes at all. But I met her in the audio release function and she was patiently translating every Tamil sentence uttered on stage. She is undoubtedly a great human being and a warm person. Must admit I became friends with her instantly.

What do you usually do when you are free from work?

I love dogs and an animal lover and have two dogs as pets.  Off the screen, I am pretty much like any girl of my age. I watch TV, catch up with my friends group for a movie to get a good break!

Is There Any Special Reason Behind Shifting Your Focus From Hollywood to South?

I find South Indian films to be great in content, quality and financially as well. This is the main reason I wanted to experiment with South films. Story is the main aspect I trust and I don’t want to confine to only glamor oriented films. Language isn’t a hindrance to me if the film has an exceptional story.

This is your first film with Oscar Award Winning Composer A.R.Rahman. Your comment?

I worked in eleven Hindi films till date but the golden chance to work with Rahman came with Lingaa! I feel extremely privileged to work in his music direction.

Did you take any special care of your appearance for Lingaa?

Off the screen my dressing and style is done by myself but for Lingaa I strictly followed what my director Ravikumar sir told me to do.

Okay..thanks and wishing you the best for Lingaa!

Thanks a lot!