Heroes Acting Criticized in Dif. Generations?

Wed 05th Nov 2014 11:22 AM
Heroes Acting Criticized in Dif. Generations?
Heroes Acting Criticized in Dif. Generations?

82 years of Telugu film industry witnessed the great performances of many star Heroes and character artists. Even though they proved as good actors among the people, their acting skills were criticized by their anti fans due to silly reasons and jealous factors on them.

* In 70s, some of the Heroes proved their mettle in doing emotional scenes superbly. They were criticized in other departments of acting skills such as comedy, sentiment etc. by their anti fans. Their dances in 70s and 80s turned out a laughing stock for their jealous anti fans.

* In 80s some of the successors of top stars were introduced to tollywood. Their performances were not on par with that of their predecessors, according to their critics.

* In late 90s, some of the successors who made debut as Heroes depended mostly on youth number one Heroes of tollywood, in learning stylish acting. Their performances are even today criticized by their anti fans. They complain that those Heroes need to develop all kinds of expressions in their faces and should acquire dancing and fighting skills.

* Among the present generation's stars, some of the star Heroes are also being criticized by their anti fans commenting on their performances. 

* HAVE ANTI FANS ACHIEVED ANYTHING?: All the above Heroes have finally remained to be the superstars among the people and anti fans were defeated by the Heroes determination in acquiring all kinds of skills.