Prabhas Should Increase His Hit Percentage

Sat 25th Oct 2014 05:11 AM
Prabhas Should Increase His Hit Percentage
Prabhas Should Increase His Hit Percentage

Young Rebel Star Prabhas has done 16 movies so far. The sum of 50% of his movies got hit results at the ticket windows which also included averages and above averages. For a superstar like Prabhas, this percentage of hits is not sufficient to compete for the number one position of tollywood. Moreover, there is a big demand on him for an industry hit. Wish that, much needed industry hit from Prabhas will be made possible through 'Baahubali'. Following is the list of hits and flops of Prabhas.

List of Young Rebel Star Prabhas' hits and flops is as follows.( As on 23rd October,2014)


S.NO.       MOVIE'S NAME               STATUS

-----    ------------             -----------------------

1. EESHWAR                           AVERAGE

2. RAGHAVENDRA                    FLOP

3. VARSHAM                           BLOCKBUSTER

4. ADAVIRAMUDU                    AVERAGE

5. CHAKRAM                           UTTER FLOOP

6. CHATRAPATHI                     SUPER HIT

7. POURNAMI                          UTTER FLOP

8. YOGI                                  FLOP

9. MUNNA                               BELOW AVERAGE

10. BUJJIGADU                        FLOP

11. BILLA                               AVERAGE

12. EK NIRANJAN                     FLOP

13. DARLING                           HIT

14. MR.PERFECT                      HIT

15. REBEL                               UTTER FLOP

16. MIRCHI                             BLOCKBUSTER



N.B. While calculating hit-flop ratio, averages, above averages, hits, super hits, blockbusters and industry hits are taken as 'HITS' and while calculating flops, below  averages, flops and utter flops are considered as 'FLOPS'.