Brazil to Shock Mahesh and Pundits?

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Brazil to Shock Mahesh and Pundits?
Brazil to Shock Mahesh and Pundits?

The much awaited FIFA World Cup Soccer was started yesterday. The host country of World Cup 2014, Brazil defeated Croatia with 3-1 lead in the first match. 32 countries are participating in this biggest soccer event. In the meanwhile, Prince Mahesh Babu predicted that the defending champion Spain would win the world cup 2014. Incidentally, many football pundits have also predicted Spain's victory. However, the choice of many people across the world is the host country, Brazil. In fact, Brazil is the only team to have won maximum number of world cups so far. So, it remains to be seen if Brazil gives a shocker to Mahesh and the football pundits winning 2014's football world cup or not. Following is the list of winners of soccer world cup.

COUNTRY'S NAME                  NO.OF TITLES


---------------------                --------------------------------------------

Brazil                             5 ( 1958,1962,1970,1994,2002)

ITALY                              4 ( 1934,1938, 1982,2006)

GERMANY                         3 ( 1954,1974,1990)

ARGENTINA                       2 ( 1978, 1986)

URUGUAY                         2 ( 1930,1950)

FRANCE                            1 ( 1998)

ENGLAND                          1 (1966)

SPAIN                              1 ( 2010)