AP Congress Manifesto's Highlights

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AP Congress Manifesto's Highlights
AP Congress Manifesto's Highlights

The AP Congress Manisfesto was unveiled by Jairam Ramesh today. The ECC Chairman Chiranjeevi assured that the congress party would definitely implement the offers mentioned in the Manifesto. The highlights of this Manifesto are as follows.

* Electricity prices will not be hiked for five years.


* Nine hours free power supply in day time for the farmers.

* Domestic users who use below 100 units power will not be charged any prices.

* Free colour TVs including dish connections to the poor people.

* Rs.5000 crores special fund will be allotted for farmers.

* Every new born girl child will get 100 yards site for free. A house will be constructed by the time the girl's marriage.

* Old age group pensions and physically challenged people will get Rs.1500 as a monthly pension.

* Poor students who study in colleges get free laptops.

* Employees will have only five working days per week.

* Retirement age will be increased from 58 to 60.