Mahesh's 'Pokiri' Industry Hit Story

Wed 09th Oct 2013 01:50 AM
Mahesh's 'Pokiri' Industry Hit Story
Mahesh's 'Pokiri' Industry Hit Story
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Prince Mahesh Babu's 'Pokiri' was released on 28th April, 2006 and proved to be then industry hit breaking the full run collections of previous industry hit 'Indra'. The movie was directed by Puri Jagannadh. Ileana was the female lead of the movie while Manisharma scored the music of the film. Given below are the details of the success story of the movie.

* BEFORE 'POKIRI'S RELEASE: Mahesh Babu gave a decent hit 'Athadu' in the year 2005. Yet, his fans were eagerly waiting for a resounding hit. Chiranjeevi's 'Indra's(2002) industry hit collections were not broken by any film then. Meanwhile, Puri Jagannadh expressed his confidence on the success of 'Pokiri' in interviews of some of the newspapers. However, nobody could expect the gigantic success of the movie including Puri Jagannadh.

* AFTER 'POKIRI'S RELEASE: The movie generated blockbuster talk at the end of the mornings shows on the first day of its release. The box office records of the movie at the end of its full run are as follows.

* The movie collected an unbelievable share of Rs.11.70 crores in Nizam area. Earlier, 'Tagore' collected Rs.9+ crores share in this area.

* In Ceded area the movie collected a share of Rs.6.80 crores. However, top record was held by 'Indra' with Rs.8 crores while 'Simhadri' got Rs.7.50 crores then.

* In Nellore area, 'Pokiri' collected Rs.1.10 crores.The record was held by 'Indra' with Rs.1.20 crores share.

* In Krishna, the movie collected an all time record share of Rs.2.70 crores. Earlier, 'Indra'  and 'Simhadri' made Rs.2.30+ crores each.

* In Guntur, the movie collected Rs.3.12 crores, an all time record. Previous record was held by 'Indra' with Rs.2.70+ crores.

* In Vizag, the movie collected Rs.2.80 crores. However, the record was held by 'Tagore' with Rs.3.50 crores and 'Indra' and 'Simhadri' with Rs.3.25+ crores each. 

* In East Godavari, the movie collected Rs.2.17 crores. Previous record was held by Indra' with Rs.2.05 crores and 'Tagore' with Rs.2.02 crores.

* In West Godavari, the movie collected  Rs.2.12 crores. Previous record was held by 'Indra' with Rs.2 crores.

* The movie was released in 200+ theaters across the globe. The film ran 50 days directly in 160 centers while 100 days directly in 137 centers. It also ran 175 days(silver jubilee) in 48 direct centers and stood at next best after 'Simhadri's 53 silver jubilees. Jubilee records of both these films have not been beaten by any movie even today. In Kurnool city the movie recorded a marathon run of 500 days with shifted theaters. 

* CONSOLIDATED REPORT:'Pokiri' collected Rs.32.51 crores share at the end of its full run in AP alone. On a whole the movie collected nearly Rs.40 crores which include the collections of Karnataka and other states, Overseas, audio and satellite rights of the film. Previous industry hit 'Indra' collected Rs.33 crores which include audio and satellite rights of the movie.

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