Hot female artist "with commitment" to a producer.

Sun 15th Nov 2009 12:54 AM IST
Hot female artist
Hot female artist "with commitment" to a producer.

Yes, you have read the title correct. This is one of the most controversial subjects which are discussed by outsiders regarding their opinions on film industry. Many in the industry agree that Heroines making their entry into film industry should be ready to do ‘anything’ for the producers, directors and other prominent personalities involved with the production of the movie. This ‘anything’ involves everything for the pleasure and happiness of the above said people.

This is not a mere statement, this is how the business runs here; say a film technician. The hot and steamy female artistes always feel the real heat. Few may get ready even for loosing their character by involving in hot sexual activities. But, how can these things be asked or said directly. How will the communication take place for these kinds of activities? Will there be any code words to process this entire process?

Yes, as known from few gossipmongers from film industry, the major codes which are in vogue implementation from some time regarding these indecent proposals are “With Commitment” and “Without Commitment.”

A female artist if enters into a project “with commitment”, her remuneration includes everything. That is the remuneration for acting in the movie + remuneration for providing the pleasure and happiness. If the same happens “Without commitment”, then it means that the second variable’s remuneration is not included. But, it is also a known fact that “Without commitment”, she may not be apart of the project at all. Who dares to take those artists who don’t’ have commitment towards work?

Hot female artist "with commitment" to a producer. - CineJosh Updated on Sun 15th Nov 2009 12:54 AM IST
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