OS Buyers Cunning Strategy with Racha

Sun 15th Apr 2012 02:40 PM
OS Buyers Cunning Strategy with Racha
OS Buyers Cunning Strategy with Racha

>It seems the buyers of 'Over Seas' area are attempting a clever strategy to buy the movies of Mega heroes. Earlier, we reported that how the buyers of 'Overseas' area played the cheap tricks for buying 'Gabbar Singh' movie with a cheap price. Now, having announced the fake losses of 'Rachcha' through their favourite 'web sites', the OS buyers are planning to buy Ram Charan's forthcoming movies with a cheap price. 




* OS buyers recognized that mega compound has three superstar heroes. They understood that buying their movies would always be a profitable venture.

* They formed as syndicate to buy mega movies with cheap prices. 

* At the time of business of any mega movie, they deliberately quote very less price than the market value of particular hero. 

* After the release of particular movie, they deliberately reveal loss figures or very low figures, to make everybody believe that buying any mega movie with huge prices is not affordable.

* Finally, the makers of mega movies fall under the trap of those buyers and sell their movies with a cheap price. 



* 'Rachcha' received an outstanding response in Overseas area. Some of the mega fans shared the 1st day collection figures of 'Rachcha' as 4.8 crores gross and 2.24 crores share in social networking communities. So, the movie would have crossed the mark of Rs.3 crores share in the first week itself so easily.

* Surprisingly, same Rs.2.24 crores shares figures for 9 days were shown by the OS buyers in their media. Is it a co-incidence or deliberate attempt? You can imagine. Finally, they showed that they couldn't get their investments back as they bought the movie for Rs.3.15 crores. 



* In OS, there are no organized fan associations of any hero to check the collection data in theaters and distributors offices. This factor has turned out to be in favour of OS buyers to modify themselves as the monarchs of the region. 

* To avoid their monarchism, noted producers of tollywood should open their distribution offices in OS area. Or else, they should at least make some of their NRI friends and relatives as distributors of their movies.