Game Shows in TV Channels fast catching up

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Game Shows in TV Channels fast catching up
Game Shows in TV Channels fast catching up


Game Shows are gaining popularity with Tollywood stars, fading or otherwise, too taking part in them. The year has seen Star Mahila, anchored by Suma, crossing the 1000th mark, while SP Balasubrahmanyam-anchored Padutha Teeyaga completing one more edition and moving on to the next version.


All channels which have space for entertainment have taken up Game Shows in a big way in the prime time at 9.30 pm and made it a regular affair.

Popularity wise, the weekly show Padutha Teeyaga rates high with Balu conducting the programme in his unique style and the narration and tidbits before and after the participant’s songs have come for a big applause. There is also some teaching and rewind of old memories which has become part of the show that stands as a major attraction.

Beamed by ETV every Monday at 9.30 pm, the programme also brings in a chief guest, mostly from film industry, and awards a prize to the best singer of that episode. A big corporate house has associated itself with the group from this week to give a cash prize to the departing contestant.

The other show that is popular is Wow, also beamed weekly by ETV and anchored by Sai Kumar. This programme brings in new and old artistes together and has fun and frolic and the stake runs into lakhs of rupees. This programme was lapped up by some production units to promote their new releases with the artistes and technicians taking part in the show.

Ali 369, started recently still has to set in and is trying to come to grips with the erratic course of the show. Comedian Ali anchors the show and he seems to be short of the desired energy to conduct the show. His popular dialogues and scenes are included in the show but its lacks the necessary push. The rounds are not very interesting nor is the conduct.

Super is a dangerous show involving adventure and the subjects are all teenage girls while the anchor tries to act smart and tough. Telugu audience have not reached to the appreciative  levels as in some programmes of AXN or other reality shows and that is the reason you see that the participants are mostly with a North Indian connection. Some of the scenes are nauseating, whether programmed or otherwise.

Then comes Adurs which is violence all the way and has very few takers. Even the judges’ expressions add to the horror. Even if it is rehearsed, recorded and edited it does gain full support from drawing room.

Genes is an unconvincing guess game where two celebrities will be called to match relationship between members of an unknown family. Sometimes the pictures of celebrities and their family members are also shown and are asked to match. Suma anchors this show as well and her energy levels seem to seeping all the way.

Parippurna Mahila seems to be an offshoot of Star Mahila but it yet to catch up.

Maa TV too has a good bouquet of Game Shows, but the serials are more popular. However, Bhale Chansule is running on though the snakes and ladders game is not very convincing and the participants, upcoming talent using it as a platform to showcase their talent. The duration is a grueling 90 minutes. The channel also has Challenge, a dance talent hunt show with full of energy and aiming at social cause with varied dance forms.

Zee Telugu (Entertainment) has got in to game show and chalked out a busy schedule. The channel was better known for its Sa Re Ga Ma or song singing show.     It still continues in the form of Little Champs 2011 but the kids appear to be too small. It also has Lukku Kikku anchored by Jhansi for two days in a week. Though her smile is broad, she has to carry the show with more energy and has to learn how to move about with her height and needs to improve on her lines. Comedy Club is another programme which is coming out as a sheer time filler with mimicry, lampooning and all that stuff. 

Chittam Chittam Prayaschittam has lost its way somewhere and needs a total makeover to stand in the competitive line.

One good thing is the channels have come up Game Shows in the prime time. Not necessary that all will catch up but the concept is accepted, that’s good news for the channels.