Vijay Varma on public scrutiny over his relationship with Tamannaah

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VV enjoys public scrutiny over Tamannaah

Vijay Varma enjoys public scrutiny over Tamannaah
Vijay Varma enjoys public scrutiny over Tamannaah

Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia, who confirmed their relationship last June, have opened up about navigating the public scrutiny that comes with dating in the spotlight.

Initially, Varma was taken aback by the overwhelming interest in their personal lives. "Shock laga ki itna logon ko interest hai isme (I was shocked to see people's interest in my personal life)," he confessed to Mashable India. He admitted that the news of their relationship generated more buzz than his film releases, highlighting how the public views celebrity relationships.


However, the couple has learned to embrace the attention and even find humor in it. "Because our relationship is so strong and lovely, now we have fun with it," Varma shared.

He also revealed a fascinating detail about their paths crossing in 2005: "I left Hyderabad in 2005 and came to Bombay (now Mumbai), and she came to Hyderabad from Bombay in the same year. She is a Bombay girl who established herself in Hyderabad, and I am a Hyderabad boy who established myself in Bombay." Their shared background and similar career journeys, he believes, make their relationship all the more interesting.

Varma further elaborated on their relationship timeline, saying it blossomed after working together on 'Lust Stories 2'. "First, we met as co-actors, very professional, then I asked her out," he revealed, confirming earlier statements about his proposal at the film's wrap-up party.

Rumors of marriage have swirled since they went public, but Tamannaah, in a recent interview with India Today, expressed her belief in choosing the right time for marriage. "I feel you should get married when you want to get married. Marriage is a big responsibility. It's not a party," she emphasized, highlighting the commitment involved.

Tamannaah was last seen in the film 'Aranmanai 4,' while Vijay Varma recently garnered praise for his performance in 'Mirzapur 3'. As the couple continues to navigate their relationship in the public eye, their journey showcases a blend of surprise, acceptance, and ultimately, a genuine connection that shines through the limelight.