Pawan Kalyan Straight Forward Speech On Janasena 10th Formation Day

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Janasena Formation Day : Dawn Of A Leader

Janasena Formation Day Meeting : Dawn Of A Leader
Janasena Formation Day Meeting : Dawn Of A Leader

It's been 10 years since Pawan Kalyan has started Janasena, a party with an aim of welfare to people fighting against corruption and wrong doings in the name of power. Whenever Pawan Kalyan  addresses people in meetings or in press meets, utmost honesty and dedication towards his commitment for the wellbeing of people reflects in his each and every word. Yes, he will go beyond a line which every political leader never dare to cross. But, it only elevates him as a fearless leader. 

Despite of several hurdles from Government led by YS Jagan have been created denying permissions and threats to arrest, Pawan Kalyan didn't bog down to any of them. He didn't even cared about them, the main quality of any people's leader. A huge meeting to commemorate the 10 years of Janasena and it's formation day has been arranged at Machilipatnam. Tye meeting was held in a massive manner at a 34-acre land located a kilometer away from National Highway 65. It was offered by some farmers to organise the meeting. The stage was named after Potti Sri Ramulu. Along with AP, a large number of people from Telangana also attended the meeting.


Police and Ministers issued threats and warnings not to attend the rally. This created a tense atmosphere ahead of the rally but the moment Pawan Kalyan started his rally by getting into his Varahi vehicle, people started to join the rally like water when flood gates are opened. At a point even the entire police force was unable to restrict them and surrendered. Pawan Kalyan's rally in Vijayawada is a victory over Government's brutality. Pawan Kalyan recieved thunderous welcome with huge garlands and flowers. Due to unimaginable crowd, the rally from Vijayawada to Machilipatnam moves on extremely slow pace which made Pawan switched to another vehicle and went to meeting place where lakhs of people are waiting for his speech.

Pawan Kalyan has reached the stage with sea of people infront watching him to listen his words. Pawan clarified that he and his party will never play caste politics. He said that he will never tolerate the rule of parties favouring one caste and showing discrimination. He asked people to question their leaders who are in power but doing nothing for their people. He fired about calling him as a Package Star. He gave a stern warning of anyone calls him further with that name, he will give them a slipper shot. He also asked people to think about their kids and the future before getting influenced with money during elections. Every word of Pawan Kalyan made the people think and understand what he is pointing towards is for their betterment only. He also said that he takes Rs 2 Crores per day as remuneration for his films. He doesn't need money from others. It will be better to keep in mind about this before barking about package says Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan launched a direct attack on CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy calling why he went back on his promises before coming to power like not implementing liquor ban and going back about pension promises. He clearly said no one should tolerate the misdeeds of representatives for the reason that they belong to their caste. It will harm them and their families only said Pawan. He also gave a strong counter about 'manliness' comments often made by YSRCP leaders. He warned them if one more time they made such nasty comments, he will bring them down from the power by breaking their necks and thighs. He also said that he is never afraid about defeat. He always wanted to see the change in people. He is very much happy to be defeated again if people gain strength and courage to ask leaders by taking their collars they vote for if they don't work for their welfare and development. 

Pawan Kalyan made a crucial comment that Janasena still needs to know about its strength. To know that they need to go directly to people and get their stats right. If they get confidence, Janasena will content in all seats on its own without any alliance said Pawan. Whatever decision he takes, it is for the welfare of the state and its people only. He reiterated that those who walk with him are only his people not those who doubt him. Thi straight to the point speech from Pawan Kalyan has given a big boost and confidence to the cadre and people. Rally and meeting surely indicates the dawn of a Leader in AP politics.