Siddipet on Top, Nizamabad at Bottom

Tue 27th Jul 2010 10:02 AM
Siddipet on Top, Nizamabad at Bottom
Siddipet on Top, Nizamabad at Bottom

First phase of ‘Telangana Battle’ is completed. Now, second and final phase of counting will begin on 30th of the month and by afternoon results of 12 Assembly seats will be out. Although a TRS win is easily predictable, KCR needs not only a win of their candidates but also loosing of deposites by opposition party candidates which sends a strong message to Srikrishna Commission and Central Government about the strong wave of Telangana sentiment in the region.

Neither a loss nor a gain for opposition parties but here are the polling percentages in 12 Assemblies (in %):  

Siddipet – 72
Siricilla – 60
Vemulawada – 55
Huzurabad – 69
Warangal – 54
Dharmapuri – 63
Yella Reddy – 70
Sirpur – 70
Korutla - 69
Chennur – 66
Mancherial - 71 
Nizamabad (U) – 52