Dubbaka Bypoll: BJP Leads By 1058 Votes After Round 21

Tue 10th Nov 2020 10:17 AM

Dubbaka Bypoll Result: BJP Leads

Dubbaka Bypoll Result Live Updates
Dubbaka Bypoll Result Live Updates

The counting for the assembly bypoll held in Dubbaka in Telangana has begun at the Indur Engineering College in Siddipet. While the counting for postal ballots started at 8am, EVM-counting started at 8:30.

The counting began in two halls 14 tables were set up for the counting, which will be done in 23 rounds. The by-election to Dubbaka assembly constituency was necessitated by the death of TRS MLA Ramalinga Reddy. The polls have become a prestige battle for ruling TRS as Dubbaka shares its borders with Gajwel, represented by CM KCR, Sircilla -- the constituency of CM's son and IT Minister KTR, and Siddipet, the stronghold of CM's nephew Harish Rao.


BJP's Ram Madhav is hoping for a "surprise victory" for the saffron party as the early trends show the party leading by 341 votes in the Dubbaka by-election results 2020. Ram Madhav said, "An interesting fight in Telangana between BJP n TRS in Dubbaka Assembly by poll. BJP is currently leading. This could be a surprise victory for BJP."

Dubbaka Bypoll Result Live Updates:

BJP: 62,772

TRS: 61,302 

Congress: 21,819

A total of 7446 votes were counted in the first round. BJP candidate M Raghunandan Rao gains lead of 341 votes against TRS candidate Solipeta Sujatha.

BJP leads in second round with 1135 votes in second round. While BJP got 6492 votes, TRS secured 5387 votes and Congress got 1315 votes.

BJP continues to lead in third round. While BJP got 2737 votes in the third round of counting, TRS secured 2607 votes. BJP got a slight lead of 124 votes, taking the lead till 3rd round to 1259.

Round 4: BJP candidate M Raghunandan Rao leads with 2684 votes. 

Round 5: BJP lead with 3020 votes.

Round 6: Fir the first time, TRS got a lead over BJP. TRS candidate Sujatha gets 353 votes majority in sixth round. While BJP got 3709 votes, TRS got 4062 votes in 6th round. Still, BJP is leading with 2667 votes.

Round 7: TRS got a majority of 182 votes over BJP in this round. BJP is leading with 2485 votes.

Round 8: BJP gets lead in the round. BJP secured 621 votes majority in 8th round.

Round 9: BJP candidate gets a lead of 1084 votes in the ninth round. BJP's total lead as of now is 4190.

Round 10: TRS gets lead of 456 votes in the round. By the end of round 10, BJP secured 31,783 votes and TRS got 28049 votes. BJP's lead now is 3734 votes.

While TRS got lead in first five rounds, 8th and 9th rounds, while TRS got lead in 6th, 7th and 10th round.

Round 11: TRS gets 199 votes lead in this round. The total lead of BJP is 3933 votes.

Round 12: BJP and TRS secured 1997 and 1900 votes respectively. Interestingly, Congress got first time lead with 2080 votes.

Round 13: TRS gets a lead of 304 votes

Round 14: TRS continues to lead. The part got a lead of 288 votes in the round.

Round 15: Third time in a row, TRS gets a lead. In 15th round, the party got a majority of 955 votes.

Round 16: Surprisingly, TRS gets majarity in another round. TRS gets a lead of 750 votes in 16th round. The total lead of BJP is restricted to 1734 votes. 

Round 17: TRS gets a lead of 872 votes in the round. While TRS got 2818, BJP got 1946 and Congress got 1705 votes.

Round 18: TRS gets lead in 6 consecutive rounds. BJP's lead is restricted to just 174 votes.

Round 19: TRS is into leading for the first time. After 19th round, TRS leads by 251 votes. 

Round 20: BJP back into the race. The party gets 491 votes majority in the round.

Round 21: This round too belongs to BJP. The party gets a majority of 380 votes. BJP leads by 1058 votes.

Round 22: BJP secured 2958 votes, while TRS got 2520 votes in the round.

Round 23: BJP gets a majority of 412 votes in the last round. BJP Candidate M Raghunandan Rao wins the seat with 1470 votes.