Khushbu Joins BJP, Trolls Call Her Opportunist

Mon 12th Oct 2020 05:15 PM

Khushbu Trolled For Joining BJP

Khushbu Sunder BJP
Khushbu Sunder BJP

Yesteryear actress and Congress spokesperson from Tamil Nadu Khushbu Sunder has resigned from Congress. In her experience, she noticed there was no ground-level connectivity, and the higher-ups in the party are high-handed.

Hours after resigning from Congress, Khushbu has joined the BJP. And while she had rebelled against Congress and supported the government’s stand on National Education Policy, she had maintained that she will not join BJP.


In the past, Khushbu used objectionable terms against the BJP members and followers. Here is a list of tweets that were posted by her in the last few years, targeting BJP members and followers.

On 14th October 2017, she called Sangh followers uncouth, filthy, dirty, cheap minded and abusive. She alleged that those who follow Sangh or BJP are living only to troll.

The RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), a voluntary nationalist organisation and the BJP are ideological aligned on various issues and many BJP supporters and leaders have been member of the RSS. RSS is a socio-cultural organisation that is the ideological parent of the BJP

On 25th September 2019, she called Sangh and BJP followers dumb idiots and physically ret**ds. Actor, politician Khushbu was born as Nakhat Khan in a Muslim family and married actor, director, producer Sunder C in 2000. In a tweet she said she still embraces Islam.

On 5th October last year, she called BJP followers ‘monkeys without 6th sense’

On 28th February this year, she called BJP followers religious fanatics bigots for addressing her as Nakhat Khan. Congress has often called CM Yogi Adityanath by his birth name, but they get irked when people refer to Sonia Gandhi as Antonia Maino, her birth name.

Only five days ago, she quoted someone on Twitter and alleged that those who declare themselves Sanghi stop looking at the problems faced by farmers. She was referring to the newly passed Farmers’ bills.

Meanwhile, netizens are trolling Khushbu for her double standards.

*You didn't swapped the party but you have swapped ideology overnight. That's something illogical. Anyways who cares about logic when you get powers.

*So Sanghis are not jumping like monkeys anymore Ms Khushboo? @khushsundar ,you should apologize to 120crore people.

* You are turning out to be a female version of @ncbn . Ready to ally with anyone with no morals or principles. Keep going.

* All these days she used to treat #BJPsupporters and party people as #Bhakth and used to give counters to @BJP4India . But today she became a #Bhakth , proved again that every politician is same and have same motto!!!

* @khushsundar you say that u were extremely critical about modi and shah because you were under the compulsion!! I can't get any bigger exam to show an opportunist.