Police Didn't Heed To Balakrishna's Request!

Sat 26th Oct 2019 08:24 AM

Balakrishna Unhappy For Not Providing Escort Vehicle


A couple of days back Natasimha Balakrishna, Hindupur MLA, got a huge shock when people blocked his convoy on his way to Hindupur and protested and angrily questioned him over the delay of the road into their village from the main road.

Balakrishna pacified the crowd and promised to speak to the officials concerned to speed up the development activities. In the meantime TDP leadership and Balakrishna too are furious with the security breath.


Balakrishna is angry that though he informed the authorities that he suspected protests from the people and requested them to provide him the escort vehicle, they did not heed to his request.

Balakrishna informed three police stations in his constituency about the expected protests and requested an escort vehicle. But much to his shock, the police did not provide him. TDP leaders and cadre are furious that the newly elected YSRCP government wantonly removed the security cover for Balakrishna throwing his life in danger. It has to be seen whether the controversy will boil down or snowball into new heights.