Pawan Should Take A Cue From Chiru!

Wed 12th Jun 2019 01:11 PM

Pawan Kalyan should control his emotions

Pawan Kalyan Chiranjeevi
Pawan Kalyan Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan, chief of Janasena is going through the most difficult phase of his life. He got a huge shock when he got defeated from both Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka constituencies and his party Janasena got virtually wiped out in the recent elections crashing all his political dreams.

Many claim Pawan Kalyan is extremely emotional and is even more aggressive. His aggressive nature was seen as the leader of the youth wing of his brother Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam.

Pawan Kalyan who left the worldly comforts of ACs and cars to realize his political dream by being in the public domain, mingling with the people during the last 6-8 months couldn't digest the fact that he lost the elections.

After a long silence, he started his review meetings to find out where he went wrong. In one of the meetings, a person suggested where he went wrong and why people didn’t vote for him. Pawan got irritated and asked whether he voted for his party. When he said he voted for Jagan's YSRCP, he turned furious.

Many say, Pawan instead of getting angry with those who didn’t vote for him and blaming people accusing them of taking money and voting for Jagan's YSRCP, should take a cue from his brother Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

It is known that Chiranjeevi too during Praja Rajyam time faced many personal attacks from his political rivals. Though Praja Rajyam didn’t do well and he too lost from Palakolu, his party fared better than Janasena. But this doesn't mean, Chiranjeevi achieved everything with Praja Rajyam.

He was often accused of selling tickets and many deserted him after the elections. Though during the campaign, Balakrishna made fun of him, Chiranjeevi didn’t lost his cool. Instead he treated Balakrishna as a person with a heart of a child.

Many say Pawan Kalyan should take a cue from Chiranjeevi and shouldn't lose cool getting emotionally charged. They point out that the moment one gets carried away with emotions, they fail to see through and solve the problem logically. Hope Pawan realizes this before it is too late.