Pawan’s Defeat, Chiru’s Strong Resolution!

Sun 02nd Jun 2019 09:39 AM

Chiranjeevi Not To Comeback To Politics

Chiranjeevi Pawan Kalyan
Chiranjeevi Pawan Kalyan

Before elections, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan was expected to bag Bhimavaram by virtue of his charisma and, of course, the caste factor. However, the poll verdict proved these predictions wrong. Neither charisma nor the caste factor worked in the Janasena chief's favor.

After elections, it was expected that Pawan Kalyan had chances of winning Gajuwaka as compared to Bhimavaram. But, these predictions too were proved wrong, as he came third in Gajuwaka.


Entire mega family lent their support for Pawan Kalyan and Janasena. Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Varun Tej and Niharika Konidela campaigned for Janasena, but their efforts turned futile. Nagababu who was allotted Narasapuram Lok Sabha ticket too lost the election.

What went wrong? Why Chiru didn’t lend his support directly to JSP? How he feels about JSP’s failure in the elections?

Political analysts opine that Chiranjeevi did the right thing by not joining Janasena Party. There were numerous reports before the elections that Chiru would join the party and he would actively take part in poll campaigning.

But the fact is, neither Pawan Kalyan asked his brother to join the party, nor Chiru showed any interest. Although Nagababu insisted Chiru on joining Janasena, the head of mega family was not keen to make comeback to politics. Many thought that, Chiru would change his mind, if JSP wins the elections.

Chiranjeevi is now said to have taken a strong decision after JSP’s humiliating defeat in the elections. “Chiranjeevi’s perspective on politics was changed after PRP’s lost in 2009 elections. He has been keeping himself away from Congress Party as well. After Janasena’s defeat, Chiru has concluded that he should not make another wrong move,” informs a source close to mega family.

Psephologists opine that there will be no chance for third party to grow in the state, because of cash politics and other equations. “Both Chiru and Pawan failed to take their parties to the grassroots level despite having a massive fan following and fan clubs everywhere in AP. But, they failed utterly, because of various reasons. These results also show that Andhra politics has no space for alternative politics. But, with persistence, it can be achieved someday, if not today,” they affirm.