Pawan's Claims Evokes Laughter!

Sat 09th Mar 2019 05:53 PM

Pawan Kalyan becomes favorite punching bag

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan
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A slip of tongue is enough in politics and social media activeness is turning even a small issue into a controversy. Of late it seems Power Star Pawan Kalyan, chief of Janasena Party, is turning out to be favorite punching bag.

Right after the terrorist attack in Pulwama which killed more than 40 jawans and the IAF strikes inside Pakistan, Pawan Kalyan made shocking claims that he knew about the Indo-Pak war situation two years back itself.

His comments became top trending even in Pakistan. Power Star who drew flak from all quarters and even in national media, later wondered whether he dreamt that his comments made somewhere in AP would become viral in Pakistan. He even tried in vain to wriggle out of the controversy but unsuccessfully.

Now Pawan Kalyan's claims about his education is going viral on social media with netizens having field day just like they had earlier when TDP MLA Jaleel Khan claimed that he graduated in B.Com (Physics). 

Pawan in three videos was seen claiming to have studied different courses. "In Nellore, when I wanted to study intermediate, they told me, you take CEC and hence gave me an admission into that course...that too I got it through recommendation.

“I had to take MEC in intermediate because I did not get good marks in 10th standard." 

"When I was going for tuition classes during Intermediate for my MPC course...."

Power Star's diehard fans and Jana Sena supporters are having tough time to support their leader.

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