KCR Warns Harish Rao @ Parents House

Tue 19th Feb 2019 05:09 PM

KCR Warned Harish Rao For Meeting BJP Leaders

KCR With Harish Rao
KCR With Harish Rao
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Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao expanded his council of ministers today but his nephew and founding member of Telangana Rastra Samiti, T Harish Rao, was left out. TRS supremo's son KT Rama Rao was also left out from the Cabinet. However, as we know, KTR was appointed as the working president of the party immediately after the elections.

Harish Rao tried to downplay the issue by saying Cabinet expansion is purely at the discretion of the chief minister. “I am happy and will abide by Kcr’s decision,” he said. Harish attended the swearing in ceremony and said he hoped that all new ministers will work as per the expectation of the CM.

Many wonder why Kcr is completely sidelining his nephew. Are these developments indicating Kcr’s next move of announcing his son KTR as his political successor. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons for Kcr isolating Harish Rao. But, we learnt that, there is another bigger reason than that.

As per a grapevine, Harish Rao secretly met BJP top leaders ahead of assembly elections and he plotted strategies for the defeat of few TRS candidates in the elections including Kcr. Had TRS lost in the elections, he would have joined BJP and he would have been made President of the party in the state as part of their deal.

Slowly and steadily, every news from Siddipet reaches Kcr ears including that of Harish Rao's secret meets with BJP top leaders. Vanteru Pratap Reddy who lost against Kcr from Gajwel and joined TRS recently has allegedly revealed many dark secrets about Harish Rao.

In addition, Kcr is said to be restless about the complaints he has been receiving from locals over excess of corruption in all the government offices in the newly formed district.

It is also heard that, Kcr recently visited Harish Rao at the latter’s parents house to warn him. Kcr allegedly told Harish Rao’s parents that, he should be loyal to him and the party for whatever he was given so far.

After this incident, Harish Rao is said to have switched off his phone and went to his son’s place in Singapore.

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