Kapus to Be Cheated Again?

Sun 03rd Dec 2017 01:14 PM

TDP to Cheat Kapus Again?

Kapus Have Numerous Doubts on Reservations!
Kapus Have Numerous Doubts on Reservations!

Apparently, Kapus haven't got that elation as expected post the AP government announced 5% reservations for Kapus forming a sub category BC (F). Following are said to be the reasons for Kapus despair on 5% reservations by the TDP.

* Chandrababu strategically directed Manjunadha to go against reservations to Kapus. Manjunatha's absence during submission of Kapu reservations report is also a part of strategy. 


* Had CBN really been that honest on Kapu reservations, he could have inducted Kapus into existing quota of BCs which doesn't need any amendment in 9th schedule of constitution. 

* Since CBN threw the ball into BJP's court for an amendment in 9th schedule, it tactfully got rid off the biggest problem of the AP state. 

* If at all BJP incorporates Kapus into OBC category, the party has to induct Gujjars and Patels also into OBC list. Hence, the BJP may not do favour for Kapus. Moreover, the BJP is against to reservations. 

* TDP is not in a position to to force BJP to amend 9th schedule for Kapu reservations.

Altogether, TDP needs to get all the issues related to Kapu reservation are solved. Else, the party loses its credibility among Kapus.