KCR – Is it “fasting” or “feasting”?

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KCR – Is it “fasting” or “feasting”?
KCR – Is it “fasting” or “feasting”?

K Chandra Shekhara Rao, the TRS supreme leader is making the arrangements for his “fast-unto-death” at Siddipet from 29th of this month. As per the news from Siddipet, the arrangements near Rangadhampally crossroads where “Amaraveerula Sthupam” is located resemble that of a maha sangramam.

With more than 120 acres of land already cleared without bush and trees using nearly 20 JCB’s, now Harish Rao local MLA is struck up with the task of drilling the bore wells nearly in numbers of 20.

The security arrangements for Kcr is known to be five folded.
1st fold: 10,000 TRS youth cadres
2nd fold: 3,000 TRS Women cadres.
3rd fold: Women who will be ready to die for Kcr with kerosene bottles and match boxes.
4th fold: TRS leaders
5th fold: Kcr himself along with other leaders.
These five folds of security will become active as soon as Police or Army personnel try to disturb the Kcr’s fasting.

Huge tents, cooking utensils from tent houses, rice bags and vegetables in tractors will be circulated and there will be nearly 30 chefs continuously preparing food for TRS cadres who visit Kcr’s “fast-unto-death”.  

The massive arrangements at the venue are resembling not as if it is a “fast-unto-death” venue but some grand occasion or celebration, say a TRS youth leader. Many doubted as it a program of ‘fasting’ or ‘feasting’?