Jagan to go on indefinite fast from Sunday

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Jagan to go on indefinite fast from Sunday
Jagan to go on indefinite fast from Sunday

Ysr Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy would undertake an indefinite fast in the jail from Sunday demanding that the Centre should maintain status quo if it cannot do justice to all regions while dividing the state.

This was disclosed to party leaders Konatala Ramakrishna, Bhuma Nagi Reddy and Dharmana Krishna Das who called on him at the Chanchalguda jail to apprise him of the political developments in wake of the State foiling YS Vijayamma’s indefinite fast at Guntur.


If we do not react when we have to react, the state would turn into a desert and to avoid such a situation, I will be undertaking the fast, YS jagan Mohan Reddy has said.

“He expressed concern over the developments and the Congress and TDP not reacting in a proper manner and the way they have evicted Vijayamma out of the deeksha late in the night. I would pick up the fast from where she has left and begin indefinite fast tomorrow as the two main parties are maintaining silence with an eye on votes and seats,” Jagan Mohan Reddy told the three leaders here on Saturday.

Though Congress had the responsibility to do equal justice to both regions, its priorities were on votes and seats and TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu despite knowing the game plan being silent is against the spirit of democratic values, opined Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Naidu giving his nod to the division of the State in the form of letter, not quitting the Assembly nor asking his MLAs and MPs to resign before or after July 25 cannot be accepted by any measure of logic and political acumen.

Naidu not budging and refusing to take back the letter though APNGOs pleaded with him that the division is unjust, shows that he was also thinking on the lines of Congress with a political perspective and showing scant respect to the sentiments of the people, YSRCP president told the leaders and expressed his anguish that Naidu also fears that TDP may not get the seats nor the credit

“Had Chandrababu Naidu along with his MPs and MLAs quit in protest against the division, the situation would not have come to this pass. We have written to the Home Minister about our stand with clarity and said that any wrong decision would affect a multitude of people of the state. Before coming to a decision, we have asked the Party to spell out its stand and then elicit the views of other parties.

Centre’s decision should be acceptable to all and no injustice should be done to any region was our contention, but it was not heeded to. Our party MLAs had resigned five days ahead of the CWC and UPA Committee deciding about the division only to send a message to Delhi about the sentiments of the people of this region but there was no response from the Centre,” Jagan Mohan Reddy told the visiting leaders.

He also discussed about the river water sharing issue. We can see that Krishna waters come to our state only after serving the needs of the upper riparian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Water flows into our state only after Almatti and Naryanpur dams are full. In such a situation if another state comes in between water to Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar would become scarce. From the southern tip of Kuppam to Srikakulam there would be only salt water there by leading to drinking water scarcity. There would be squabbles along the Krishna ayacut.

National status to Polavram has been the slogan. If the state is divided where from will the water come? We are been asked to leave Hyderabad which we have built over a period of 60 years. When 50 % of revenue is coming from Hyderabad, where from shall we get the funds to carry forward the welfare schemes like Aargyasri, fees reimbursement, old age pensions and even salaries?  Where will the youth find jobs? What will happen to the settlers? Why are Congress and TDP leaders unable to judge these aspects? Though they know that this is gross injustice they have compromised for a few seats and votes and are worried about the getting credit for the event. What can we think of such leaders was what he told the senior leaders.

The ruling Congress is not willing to show concern over the people who are agitating on the streets of Seemandhra. The audacity of the Congress has come to the fore when they appointed a Party Committee instead of a Government Committee to hear the apprehensions of the Seemandhra people as if the problem is the internal issue of Congress Party, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy told the delegation of party leaders.

The Committee members have no time to come down to the state so only the aggrieved parties should go to Delhi to pour their cup of woes. How Party Committee can do justice to the people is beyond my comprehension.

Honorary President and I have resigned and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister. Though honorary president went on an indefinite fast things did not change and they could not feel the pulse of the crores of people on the streets and foiling her fast is a continuation of their dictatorial attitude, he told the three senior party leaders.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is a people’s leader and will begin his indefinite fast, despite being away from people and in judicial remand. Very soon Sharmila will also undertake Bus Yatra details of which will be announced soon, Konatala Ramakrishna and others told media later in the day.