UPA Govt is shielding the corrupt

Sat 10th Sep 2011 07:00 AM
UPA Govt is shielding the corrupt
UPA Govt is shielding the corrupt


Senior Bjp leader M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday accused the UPA Government of shielding the corrupt people while punishing those who exposes the corrupt practices.


Referring to the 'Cash for Votes' scam, Venkaiah said that the UPA Government actions clearly indicate that it was not serious about punishing the guilty. Describing the on-going probe as an eye-wash, he said former SP leader Amar Singh was just an 'event manager'. "Amar Singh did what he was asked to do by the real conspirators. If the government is really serious then it should punish the people who conspired the entire scam, organised money and arragned its distribution," he said. He demanded that the Central Government constitute a Special Team to probe the 'Cash for Votes'.

Venkaiah Naidu alleged that the UPA Government has redefined the definition of corruption. Unlike seeking small favours to execute a task, now big corporate houses too are indulging in large-scale corrupt practices. He said the irregularities in the KG Basin by the Reliance Industries exposed by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India in its latest report is a proof that the UPA is turning a blind eye to corrupt practices. Listing out all the scams that were exposed during the UPA's rule, he said billions of rupees belonging to tax payers was swindled by a few corporate houses or individuals due to the backing of the ruling UPA leaders.

The Bjp leader said that LK Advani's proposed rath yatra will unravel the entire truth about corruption in the country. He said the Lokpal Bill would not end corruption in the country. However, the bill would just supplement the efforts in containing the corruption. "LK Advani rath yatra will clear all the doubts regarding Bjp's stance on corruption and will spell the party's strategy in eliminating the menace from the country," he said.

Venkaiah Naidu also accused the Central Government of misusing Governors as their agents. Citing the example of Gujarat, he said the Governor had constituted the Lok Ayukta without even informing the Chief Minister Narendra Modi about the same. He said Governor was used as a puppet in Karnataka too.

Former Bjp's national president was also critical about the Home Minister P Chidambaram's comments given post-Delhi blast that he could guarantee whether or not another bomb blast will occur in the country. He said such statements would instil fear among the common people. "Despite getting mails by some organisations claiming responsibility for the blast, the government is unable to take any action against them," he said.

Venkaiah Naidu refuted the allegations that the Bjp was trying to politicise the issue. However, he said Bjp could not remain silent when the government fails to act properly. "Government is executing the hanging Afzal Guru because of his religion. People like Afzal Guru or Rajiv assassins do not belong to any religion. They must be treated as just terrorist and must be punished severely without having any fear of consequences," he demanded.