Petrol price hike may cost govt too

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Petrol price hike may cost govt too
Petrol price hike may cost govt too

Hike in prices of one of the indispensable item - petrol - is sure to see the government crumble sooner or later.

Its fall is certain if no remedial exercise is adopted at the earliest.


The government may hope to get away by letting the oft-repeated opposition demand for 'withdrawal' fall on deaf ears, like it has done in the past, but the circumstances seem to be different this time around, threatening its very survival in the longer term.

The inordinate increase in the petroleum products has come like a bolt from the blue as the spiralling prices of essential commodities has been cornered the consumers without a respite.

The petrol hike has been effected for six times in 9 months under the sponsorship of UPA government at the Centre.

What the consumers paid for a litre of petrol was Rs 37 as against Rs 65 today. The hike was termed as baffling, unilateral and arbitrary by all the opposition parties in the state and at the Centre.

The opposition, and some of the allies of the government, have demanded that the Centre bear the burden of the increase but it is unlikely that it would react protecting the interests of the consumers.

In the state, the already increased income and property taxes plus the current imposition of petrol prices increase will derail the budget of the petrol users.

On one hand, the Kiran Kumar Reddy government renews the spread of the YSR's welfare policies ostensibly to placate the fiery and defiant rebel Kadapa leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy, while on the other hand, the former maintained a silence posture over the increase in petroleum products.

The government did not see reason that the petroleum products' cost would directly or indirectly affect the transportation system.

The cost of grains or other essential commodities would increase with the increase in the petroleum items. This linkage is quite transparent and obvious.

Earlier, the cost of the gas cylinders also went up by Rs 50 and the Centre did nothing except announcing some sops for the poor consumers as also informing that soon the gas will be supplied to the domestic house-holds in AP on a large-scale at a cheaper rate.

Except that, nothing much was done to facilitate the common consumers of gas or petrol or diesel which is a must for transporting anything from place of production to the markets.

What way was the government justified in its action and how would it substantiate, asked the opposition leaders.

At this rate with condemnable increase in prices of all popular consumer items which have been termed as anti-people, the ruling party at the centre and in AP are certain to earn voters' hatred.