Jagan's silence ploy to make Congress talk?

Wed 12th Jan 2011 04:28 AM
Jagan's silence ploy to make Congress talk?
Jagan's silence ploy to make Congress talk?

The defiant leader from Kadapa, with a rich haul of Legislators from Congress and a couple of them from the Praja Rajyam Party and the Telugu Desam Party, plus more to join his bandwagon has grown stronger than before.

Yet he did not prefer to destabilise the AP government.


What is his modus operandi? Mysteriously, he chose to remain patient.

While tension mounted every second in the Congress camps, the media, both national and local, were working overtime to highlight every move of the rebel leader who seems to have surpassed his predecessors.

Still he did not pull the Kiran Kumar Reddy government belying expectations of his watchers.

He made crystal clear to all concerned that he was not prepared to do so issuing a categorical release in New Delhi. Not because he had love lost for Congress, but because uppermost in his

agenda is his own image, his hidden wealth. He cannot afford to play a spoil sport as his following is growing by the day.

The moment Income Tax raids begin, the wind out of his sails will blow off. This is the most likely choice of the age old party which had seen over the decades men going and coming back to its nest. The rebel leader is no exception.

On the other Jagan's one-point agenda is to wait for a suitable occasion to finish off Congress in AP which has the people's mandate till 2014, and then occupy the 'gaddi'.

Till then, perhaps the rebel leader has decided to play his cards close to his chest. Maybe this is why he has been moving with his masses and determined to build a stronger base.

The New Delhi Deeksha has turned out to be only a ripple which he created to demonstrate his 'regional' power as a last minute attempt for an 'ultimate' bargain.  Will the High Command take the signal?

 Its silence so far proved that he should fend for himself.

Now it may not pickup a chance to strike a deal with the rebel leader and heir of YSR who from a feudal family also never hesitated to let go his anger against the Congress leadership whenever he landed in New Delhi officially.

There were incidents narrated coherently that YSR used to fling papers at Ahmed Patel who tried to meddle in his interviews with Sonia Gandhi.

In this respect, Jagan is more or less a ditto or an alter-ego of his father. All things considered Jaganmohan Reddy, who was also described as his factionist grandfather's replica endowed with a

stiff neck that does not bend before his rivals has been soft-pedalling over destabilising the Kiran Kumar Reddy government.

His adversaries decided just to leave him to dig his own grave while his advisors took care that his reputation did not alter.

Congress managers too took care not to expel him. His father amassed huge wealth. It never came to light when he was Chief Minister not until his demise.

Now things started unfolding one after the other only after his exit.

Currently Jagan not only heads the amassed wealth but also heads a ' volcano' with the IT after his blood.

The Centre would not like to skip this opportunity but best utilise this as a trump card against the rebel leader.

On his part Jagan kept maintaining a low profile as if he is the people's only choice and did not resort to 'pulling' anybody lest he should earn a bad name particularly among his followers.

Those joined his flock should last till his last minute.

His party should hit the headlines and travel without hiccups along the lines that NTR's party did and vanquish Congress while overcoming another formidable rival party headed by Nara Chandrababu Naidu who is also a reputed master strategist known across the nation.