Only Report, not decision: Sabitha

Thu 06th Jan 2011 06:53 AM
Only Report, not decision: Sabitha
Only Report, not decision: Sabitha

The State Government while clarifying that the Srikrishna Panel Report was not a 'decision', appealed to the people of all sections to exercise restraint and cooperate with the

administration for maintaining peace and law and order in the wake of the Panel’s recommendations being made public.


Home Minister P Sabitha Reddy told media persons at the Secretariat on Thursday that the Report which the Committee submitted was not the final decision of the government and that it was only a Report.

She called upon people to understand that the Report was not a decision of the government. Therefore there was no need to express apprehensions in any quarter, Ms Indra Reddy said.

“The Srikrishna Committee members did their job, handing over their findings on the contentious issue. Now it is for the government to arrive at a decision on the issue,” she maintained. The Centre now is expected to study it in detail, including the options and form a decision, she added.

The Home Minister issued an appeal to the people specifically students through the media not to resort to any type of violence.

At another meeting, Minister for Transport Botsa Satyanarayana gave an impression that they were yet to go into the details of the report for making any comment.

After being insisted to give a reaction, the Minister gave an indication that he would stand by whatever the decision taken by the government.

"The decision taken by the government is final," said the Minister.

In the light of the Report tabled in New Delhi, the business in the state secretariat has taken a back seat with the 'discussion' occupying a centre stage.

Particularly at canteens, the staff seemed to have taken the report in a different way sharing their doubts over the issue and which option the Centre is inclined to take.