Observe care while reporting on Conclave, SKC report: AK Khan

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Observe care while reporting on Conclave, SKC report: AK Khan
Observe care while reporting on Conclave, SKC report: AK Khan

City Police Commissioner Ak Khan on Wednesday made a fresh appeal to all media houses in general and television channels in particular to observe restrain while reporting on the Justice BN Srikrishna Commission Report which will be disclosed before the public on Thursday.

In a statement, Mr Khan said that while the citizens of Hyderabad, as well as the state are keenly awaiting the contents of Sri Krishna Committee Report and are anxious about possible outcome of the all-party meeting to be convened by Union Home Minister at New Delhi on January 6, the responsibility to restrain from broadcasting or reporting the events in such a way which could lead to violence lies with the media.


He pointed out that the gist of the Report will be made public and several political parties have already made their stands clear on the possible outcomes and have indicated that anything that goes against their expectations would generate tension in the city.

Mr Khan said that “these spikes of emotion contain the potential to generate public disorder in the coming days.” The city police chief said that his department, in pursuit of peace, has already appealed to all to cooperate.

Mr Khan added that though the police have already put in place preventive steps in accordance with the law, to preserve peace and maintain tranquillity in the society, the cooperation of the media is also necessary. He said, “It is pertinent to mention here that media has the power to create a congenial atmosphere by maintaining restraint and balance in the broadcast of their programmes. Needless to mention here that such self-restraint from media is in societal interest.”

The police chief also lauded the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) for issuing an advisory to all the media detailing the guidelines to be followed while reporting on this sensitive issue.

Pointing out to some of the guidelines issued by the NBA, Mr Khan said that if these are followed to the letter, it would be of immense help to the police in maintain law and order.

The NBA had already said that all news relating to the Srikrishna Committee Report should strictly adhere to the contents of the Report, uninfluenced by any opinion, inference or interpretation.

The NBA, in its advisory said that no broadcasts should be made of any speculation about the Report before it is made fully available by the Government; and of its likely repercussions thereafter which may be sensational, inflammatory or provocative.

No footage of violence, agitation, self-immolation etc., if any, is to be shown in any news item relating to the subject matter of the Report.

No visuals should be shown depicting celebration or protest in relation to the Report. Apart from this, unnecessary repetition of sensitive visuals should be avoided.

Archival footage should clearly be labelled “file” and preferably also state date and time of initial broadcast.

In view of the sensitivity of news reporting on this issue extra care should be taken to ensure accuracy and balance of reportage, by vetting and clearance at the highest editorial level.

The NBA also emphasized that programmes telecast in relation to this subject should not speculate about and should not have contentious debate on its contents.

The City police chief also pointed out to the Programme Code for the electronic media under Rule 6 of Section 5 of Cable Networks (Regulation) Act,1995.

These rules state that no programme shall be telecasted if it offends against good taste or decency or if it contains anything defamatory, deliberate, falls and suggestive innuendoes and half truth.

Programmes likely to encourage or incite violence or contains anything against maintenance of law and order or which promote anti-national attitudes are also to be avoided. Similarly, programmes which contain visual or words which reflect a slandering, ironical and snobbish attitude in the portrayal of certain ethnic, linguistic and regional groups.