Jagan's silence is a 'Telangana Strategy'

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Jagan's silence is a 'Telangana Strategy'
Jagan's silence is a 'Telangana Strategy'

Even thought the fluid situation haunting the Congress government has given the defiant leader and son of former chief minister late Ys Jaganmohan Reddy, Ys Jaganmohan Reddy another windfall-like opportunity to push ahead and reach for political goals, he is biding his time and delaying the announcing of his own political party.

Earlier, he missed the bus with as many as 150 legislators on his side including his father's Cabinet colleagues, with the exception of 4 or 5 ministers, in the bygone Rosaiah Cabinet.


Mr Jaganmohan Reddy was quite formal in seeking the High Command's approval for his succession even after Mr Rosaiah took over the Chief Minister’s chair, but it was turned down under the pretext that he would be offered a Central Ministry.

Following the exit of the Rosaiah government, which was not to the liking of the High Command, the replacement of the government almost resulted in a rebellion.

On a day of swift developments, there were strong rumours from the electronic media that the Congress government in the state was under cracks. This situation turned the tables in Mr Jaganmohan Reddy's favour.

But Mr Jaganmohan Reddy, for reasons best known to him, did not react and encash on the rebellious mood of his father's Ministers and followers, including the welfare schemes started by YSR. Analysts say that with the 20 to 25 Legislators on his side, he was wise enough not to make a push for the Chief Minister’s gaddi.

Today, the High Command has been preoccupied with the shaky scenario in the state with the senior Ministers almost revolting against the KKR government stating that they were ignored in the portfolio allotment and the plum portfolios going to 'juniors'.

Meanwhile, his staunch supporters have spoken about Mr Jaganmohan Reddy’s plan to launch his own political party. This party is yet to hit the headlines.

As of now indications are such that he is putting this party affair on the backburner, but not for long. Analysts say that he will announce the new party only after he consolidates his mass base.

As part of this process, he will first capture Assembly and Parliamentary seats of Pulivendula and Kadapa. Even as he is engaged in this process his 'Odarpu Yatra' will be continued which serves as a litmus test.

Once he is convinced the masses are falling for him, he will announce his party.

In case his party is launched presently, he will be certainly faced with a big question-what is your stand on Telangana? He may be asked to spell out his stand on this particularly contentious issue.

All indications point out that Mr Jaganmohan Reddy may not invite this question on himself. Therefore he is buying time to do it from a strategic angle.

Meanwhile, Mr Jaganmohan Reddy is spending time in his region, meeting his followers and discussing the methods as how best he could proceed further and this time without allowing any boomeranging of his attempt. Therefore the silence.