Timid govt pushing state towards anarchy: LSP

Sat 20th Nov 2010 07:56 AM
Timid govt pushing state towards anarchy: LSP
Timid govt pushing state towards anarchy: LSP

Andhra Pradesh is fast hurtling into anarchy because of the acts of commission and omission by a pusillanimous Government and interested pressure groups, charged Lok Satta Party president Jayaprakash Narayan on Saturday.

Addressing a media meet on the agitations and counter-agitations on the sub-inspector recruitment written examination, Dr Narayan said the Government could have pre-empted law and order problems had it persuaded the Union Government to delete the controversial Clause 14 F from the Presidential Order.


The agitated people should have explored ways and means of getting their grievances redressed through legitimate and legal channels instead of enforcing shutdowns and threatening self-immolation.

The former IAS officer recalled that the Lok Satta Party was the first to suggest deletion of the Clause 14 F of the Presidential Order relating to recruitment of police in Hyderabad city. The State legislature unanimously adopted a resolution seeking deletion as early as in March 2010.

Without following up the Assembly resolution, the Government decided to recruit police personnel. As trouble erupted over treating Hyderabad as a ‘free zone’, the Government initially decided to put on hold the examination in Hyderabad but go ahead with it in other parts of the State.

As the Telangana agitators would not relent, the Government has now deferred the examination all over the State and triggered a counter agitation in the rest of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr Narayan said that the alien, undemocratic British rulers were much more balanced, mature, reliable, and consistent than the present Andhra Pradesh rulers. State Government actions have become irrational and unpredictable.

The Lok Satta chief said that sections of people and political parties were equally to blame for the present chaotic conditions. They seem to forget that rights and responsibilities are two sides of the same coin. One could legitimately agitate for a cause but one should not inconvenience others in the process. Rasta rokos, hartals, and bandhs would hurt millions of people who lead a hand-to-mouth existence and deprive critical patients of prompt medical assistance.

He told sub-inspector aspirants in the Andhra region they need not fear any disqualification because of deferment of the examination by a few months.  They will all be eligible for selection irrespective of some delay, as long as they were eligible at the time of application.

Dr Narayan stated that the LSP urges Government of India and Andhra Pradesh government to shed the passive, somnolent approach, and take energic steps to repeal Section 14 F of the Presidential Order, and conduct examinations for the police recruitment within two months. He also appealed to unemployed youth of all regions not to resort to rasta rokos and bandhs, and not to hurt themselves.

‘They have to act with restraint and dignity, and they must not become victims of hatred and parochialism”, appealed Dr Narayan.