Lethargic AP Govt responsible for Free Zone crisis

Thu 18th Nov 2010 07:36 AM
Lethargic AP Govt responsible for Free Zone crisis
Lethargic AP Govt responsible for Free Zone crisis

The mounting criticism by not only the leaders of the various opposition parties in the state but also by Congress leaders over the handling of the Sub-Inspector’s recruitment test and the Free Zone Issue is quite justifiable, according to political analysts.

The analysts point out at the total lack of preparedness by Home Minister Sabita Indra Reddy, who had called an all-party meeting on November 16 over the issue, which by itself came for harsh criticism by the opposition leaders.


At the meeting which took place at the Secretariat, the Home Minister is believed to have addressed the all-party leaders without proper 'homework'. When asked to spell out her stand whether the recruitment test' would be held as scheduled, she was taken aback and said that she would consult Chief Minister K Rosaiah.

The statement exposed her naive way of dealing a serious issue, which was taken to the streets by the affected section of the public.

The all- party meeting also lashed out against the state government for the protracted delay for putting on hold the SI recruitment process for a long time.  They said that the conduct of the test would attract legal complications later.

Much significance has been attached to the police recruitment to step up the police force and security in the wake of the Srikrishna Commission Report, which is to be tabled next month and the repercussions after that, as the pro-Telangana cadres had already warned of dire consequences in the event of the report going against their wishes.

The police also made no secret of its apprehensions over the fall-out of the ensuing Srikrishna Committee Report to be submitted in December. Apprehensions were expressed that the pro-Telangana protests might trigger violence in the city if anything was spelt out against their wishes.

The government also failed miserably and was almost caught sleeping over getting the controversial Clause 14 (F) Amended by the Centre although over a year had elapsed. Questions are being raised as to what was the rationale behind this delay. 

According to sources, the non-cooperation by Mr Rosaiah’s Ministerial colleagues for the last one year, after former chief minister late YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s demise, led to this unhappy situation.

The unhappy situation turned into a crisis with the concerned students resorting to agitations over the burning issue.

The opposition also criticised the government saying that it had created 'confusion' among the leaders and aspirants.

Now things have come to such a pass today that the issue is slowly suffocating the government. It is, on one hand, pressurised by the Osmania University students to plan to further intensify their struggle and are determined to oppose the already delayed SI test. On the other hand, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi is equally firm on opposing test demanding that the contentious issue of 'Free Zone' be settled first.

The students have already upped the ante by having torched two RTC buses.  "It is part of delaying tactics adopted by Rosaiah government," said an opposition leader. But who is at the receiving end?  If public property is damaged, who bears the loss? Ultimately the tax payer.