LP opens 'Chandra Babu Charitra'

Thu 11th Nov 2010 12:47 AM
LP opens 'Chandra Babu Charitra'
LP opens 'Chandra Babu Charitra'

Lakshmi Parvathi, the widow of NTR started hunting the character of Chandra Babu Naidu in retaliation to the comments made by TDP leaders calling her as ‘Iron Leg’ and ‘Saitaan.’ Arranging the press meet today at her residence, Lakshmi Parvathi started digging the history from the times she started associating with NTR.

Although press meet is still going uninterrupted from last one and half hour or so, here are the highlights:


1. NTR suffered humiliation in the hands of both of his son-in-laws Chandra Babu Naidu and Daggubati Venkateshwar Rao resulting in ill health and death.

2. Times when NTR wants to suspend Naidu from the Party, Naidu caught the legs of LP and requested her to please NTR and let him stay in TDP.

3. Ramoji Rao exploited NTR’s image in increasing the circulation of his News Paper.

4. Ramoji Rao, Naidu and Viceroy Owner Prabhakar Reddy were the major brains in backstabbing NTR.

5. Naidu was successful in making all the loyal TDP workers distanced from NTR including Fans.

6. LP was the main hand in bringing Harikrishna back into TDP.

7. Time when NTR succeeded in winning 216 seats in 1994 election, Naidu was jealous of the victory.

8. Naidu took a forced hold over the Judiciary system, Police forces, MLA’s, Governor and all the pillars of Government to backstab NTR. All those who helped him in the process were rewarded. Example: Governor Krishna Kanth was given due position in Centre.

9. Jayaprada played a key role in this entire process and she was given Rajya sabha seat.

10. Harikrishna, Balakrishna and other Nandamuri family members have become pawns in the hands of Naidu.

11. ‘TDP won with a bumper majority only after my entry into NTR’s life. Naidu was worried about my increasing importance in the Party and was feared of my involvement,’ said LP

12. ‘Till today, Balakrishna and Harikrishna may not accept me as their Mother but they are still like my sons. I request them to take a look at the position of the Party established by their father. Please either of you take over the reigns of TDP else there will be no future for TDP,’ LP requested

The list goes on…and Lakshmi Parvathi hasn’t left any body in the history and one has to see how Naidu will react to his own ‘Charitra’ narrated by LP.