More space for grain stocks; memo to PM: CM

Mon 18th Oct 2010 08:41 AM IST
More space for grain stocks; memo to PM: CM
More space for grain stocks; memo to PM: CM

In view of the magnitude of the situation created by the lack of proper storage capacity in the godowns, which has added to the farmers' woes, the state government is planning to increase the warehousing space for storing the food grains under a revised scheme.

 Speaking to media persons on Monday, Chief Minister K Rosaiah said that the government would present a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh when he arrives here on Tuesday, highlighting the importance of increasing the godown capacity in the state.


The government has an immediate task on hand to create storage space for the increased grain production, and this is being done on a war footing, Mr Rosaiah said. The increase of warehouse space is a long range and permanent programme. The government will work hard to ensure that the increased output of grains this year is benefited by the programme.

Besides this the state is planning for viable alternative and rented space to stock the food grains.

 In view of the heavy output, the state has asked the South Central Railway to provide more rakes to lift the grains and for movement of stocks.

The SCR promised 7 rakes daily but it could not do so, the Chief Minister said, stating that he also discussed with FCI, Civil Supplies, Markfed and Agricultural Departments for accommodation of excess stocks of food grains.

As part of the programme to meet the needs of the farmers, the state will set up Paddy purchase centres to avoid distress sales.

Plus with the cooperation from the rice millers, the state is creating grounds to offer minimum support price to the farmers. The ides is mainly to prevent distress sales.

Mr Rosaiah also informed that the pan boiled rice production has also gone up and its consumption had been quite low. There is however a good scope for its exports. But there is a system for this, stating that the opposition is creating issues, on this score. As the boiled rice is not in much demand it gave room for increase in rates of fine rice, he said.

Under these circumstances the state government is submitting a memorandum to the PM the need for more godown space to avoid distress sales as also to improve the MSP for farmers.

More space for grain stocks; memo to PM: CM - CineJosh Updated on Mon 18th Oct 2010 08:41 AM IST
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