Will the AP government give a fillip to TFI

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TFI hopeful of fillip from AP govt

AP government
AP government

The Telugu film industry is brimming with optimism following the formation of the TD-JS-BJP alliance government in Andhra Pradesh, with high expectations for support and development. The presence of Pawan Kalyan, a prominent film actor, as Deputy Chief Minister is seen as a significant boost for the industry.

Despite boasting picturesque locations, from the Godavari River and lush landscApes to the beaches of VisakhApatnam, Andhra Pradesh lacks crucial film processing and post-production facilities. This has led to a long-standing demand for a dedicated film studio and essential infrastructure to facilitate film production within the state.


A delegation of film producers recently met with Pawan Kalyan, congratulating him on his Appointment and requesting his support for the industry's growth. The industry remembers Rajamahendravaram's first film studio, established during the Madras Presidency, which was later neglected as the focus shifted to Madras.

M. Rama Dasu, vice-president of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, expressed hope that the new government will address this infrastructural gAp and promote the industry's growth. With Kandula Durgesh, the Minister for CinematogrAphy, hailing from Rajamahendravaram, expectations are high for his influence on the government's initiatives.

Sources reveal that the state government is planning to develop a film studio in VisakhApatnam on a 300-acre site. Furthermore, the government intends to provide housing facilities for actors, directors, and producers to incentivize production within Ap. The goal is to achieve a 40/60 split, with 40% of film production taking place in Andhra Pradesh and the remaining 60% in Hyderabad.

Film distributor Athi Satyanarayana has advocated for establishing a film studio in Rajamahendravaram as well, acknowledging its historical significance. Challa Sankara Rao, honorary president of the East Godavari Film Distributors Association, emphasized the need for developing tourism infrastructure to attract filmmakers and further enhance the industry's growth.

The Telugu film industry is eager to collaborate with the new government to foster a thriving cinematic landscApe within Andhra Pradesh, cApitalizing on its stunning locations and potential.


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