Nod for new flats as former MLAs refuse to vacate official quarters

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Nod for new flats as former MLAs refuse to vacate official quarters
Nod for new flats as former MLAs refuse to vacate official quarters

The state Cabinet on Monday decided to go ahead with a proposal of constructing 220 flats for MLAs in New and Old MLA Quarters at a cost of Rs 40 crore.

Briefing media persons after the Cabinet Meeting at the state Secretariat on Monday, Minister for Information and Broadcasting J Geetha Reddy revealed that the flats will be constructed in two phases. Work on 110 flats would be taken up in the first phase, while the second phase would see the rest of the flats being constructed.


Ms Geetha Reddy added that the Cabinet has already sanctioned Rs 10 crore in the 2010-2011 Budget.

With Legislators being reluctant to vacate the flats even after losing at the hustings, the government has faced a piquant situation through the years to lodge first-timers to the Assembly.

Complaints that senior Legislators, including Congress spokesperson N Tulasi Reddy, former minister Md Ali Shabbir, former TDP MLAs T Srinivas Yadav among many others unwilling to vacate their official residences have vexed the government.

Presently, the Old MLA Quarters at Himayatnagar and the new MLA Quarters at Adarsh Nagar have 330 quarters, including family quarters as well as rooms.

Notices to the former Legislators to vacate these quarters have failed to evoke any response.

Estates Office officials say that the legislators who have completed their term are required to pay rent of Rs 2,000 per month after obtaining an authorisation letter from the Allotment Committee. In case the letter is not obtained, then the former legislator has to pay Rs 6,000 per month.

Fines levied on the legislators for failing to vacate the premises are simply not paid. Combined with rent arrears and fines, the figure runs into crores of rupees.

A serving MLA does not need to pay rent and electricity and water is supplied free.

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