LSP to draft shadow power policy

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LSP to draft shadow power policy
LSP to draft shadow power policy

The Lok Satta Party is engaged in working out a rational power sector policy for Andhra Pradesh in the context of the State Government opting for indiscriminate establishment of power plants and the Opposition blindly opposing every project.

Disclosing this at a media conference, Lok Satta Party president Jayaprakash Narayan quoted Government plans to promote thermal power plants of a total 46,000 mw capacity whereas the State would need a mere 10,000 -15,000 mw of additional power. Encouragement of thermal power generation on such a massive scale would harm the State. In contrast, the Opposition parties’ objection to all thermal power projects held out the threat of the State being plunged into darkness.


Dr Narayan said that the Foundation for Democratic Reforms would soon constitute a committee of national experts to hammer out an electricity policy that would safeguard the interests of both the State and the people.

The committee would decide what sort of power plants should be set up to meet the State’s requirement of 10,000 mw- 15,000 mw. The plants should not harm either croplands or the environment. The policy should provide for multi-pronged compensation to families displaced by power plants.

He added that four experts had already given their consent to be on the proposed committee.

The LSP president addressed the media after taking part in the party’s State Working Committee meeting at the party headquarters.

Dr Narayan said that the State is in the grip of political instability, uncertainty, and crisis. The Government does not seem to know what is good for people, leave alone fulfilling their needs. The Allahabad High Court verdict on the Babri Masjid land title on September 24, the ongoing revolt against rulers in Kashmir and the Srikrishna Committee’s report on the demands for and against State’s bifurcation would accentuate the critical situation the nation and the State are facing.

As a responsible party committed to pursuing ethical politics, the Lok Satta is discussing how it should provide a lead to people in the developing context.

He said that against the backdrop of corruption getting deeply entrenched in the country, the LSP transcending party lines would agitate for the establishment of an autonomous anti corruption mechanism.

Party Working President DVVS Varma said the Working Committee was discussing resolutions to be introduced in the annual General Council meeting next month.

The party will undertake programs roping in farmers, the youth and the poor in 50 municipalities and 35 Assembly constituencies.

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