Sack Raghuveera for inadequate supply of fertilisers : TRS

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 Sack Raghuveera for inadequate supply of fertilisers : TRS
Sack Raghuveera for inadequate supply of fertilisers : TRS

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) on Wednesday demanded that the government dismiss Agriculture Minister N Raghuveera Reddy and take urgent steps to provide fertilisers to farmers in Telangana region.

TRS Siricilla MLA K Tarakrama Rao (KTR) took exception to the ‘deliberate’ silence of the Congress over the issue of inadequate supply of fertilisers to the farmers from Telangana. He said that despite ample rains in the region, the farmers were being forced to live in debts.


“Drought in the previous years and now the lethargy by the government in providing fertilisers despite the heavy rains are driving the farmers in the region who are already in debts, to penury. the government has also failed to take any action on black marketers of fertilisers,’’ KTR alleged.

KTR was speaking after his party activists laid siege to the Agricultural Commissioner’s office, demanding the sacking of Agricultural Minister N Raghuveera Reddy.

The protestors handed over a memorandum to Agriculture Commissioner Sunil Sharma. The memorandum highlighted the plight of Telangana farmers and demanded immediate solutions to their problems.

TRS Floor Leader Etela Rajendar also hit out at the State Government stating that it had failed to solve the shortage of fertilisers issue for T-farmers. He said that the ruling party has remained a mute spectator even as the farmers face a dark future.

The TRS leader also urged the government to book the fertilisers black marketers under ‘Goonda Act’ and stringent action against them.

The TRS leaders warned the state government to look into the matter and ensure supply of fertiliser to Telangana farmers or they would intensify their agitations.

The police swooped on the spot and dispersed the protestors after some time.

Sack Raghuveera for inadequate supply of fertilisers : TRS - CineJosh Updated on Wed 08th Sep 2010 09:42 AM IST
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