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Happy birthday to Maverick and Virulent Manchu Vishnu

Happy Birthday to The Daring and Dreaming Vishnu Manchu
Happy Birthday to The Daring and Dreaming Vishnu Manchu

Collection King Mohan Babu's son Manchu Vishnu is known as a Rebel in the industry. Manchu Vishnu despite numerous flops is known for his hard work and dedication and his never say never die spirit always inspires many. The way he took on the heavyweights and turned the tables in the recently held MAA elections has become folklore in the industry.

Manchu Vishnu may not have recreated the magic of his illustrious father Mohan Babu but he made a name for himself in the industry. By marrying Viranica Reddy, cousin of AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, he is hogging the media limelight for all the right and wrong reasons. Known for his straightforward and frank talk, he always lands in problems. Manchu Vishnu with his eccentric ways is known for his maverick ways and virulent actions


Despite being trolled mercilessly on social media, he takes everything sportively. After scoring a hit with Dhee, Denikaina Ready, and Doosukeltha before taking a long break and producing an English film Mosgallu. He is confident of producing and acting in a Hollywood project and taking Tollywood to new heights.

After becoming MAA President, he has taken many initiatives for the benefit of the industry and also for the artists. He once again proved his mettle scoring a hit with Ginna. Manchu Vishnu for all his abilities is hailed as a dreamer and a trendsetter. Cinejosh wishes Manchu Vishnu happy birthday and hopes for many more commercial blasts at the box office in the coming days.

MV - Maverick and Virulent - CineJosh Updated on Wed 23rd Nov 2022 10:29 AM IST
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