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Happy birthday to Nicest and Coolest Naga Chaitanya

Happy birthday to the grand son of two legends
Happy birthday to the grand son of two legends

Naga Chaitanya earned the tag of Yuva Samrat when he entered the film industry as the son of King Nagarjuna. Since then, he has been carrying the legacy of the Akkineni clan even when his dad Nagarjuna and his brother Akhil struggled to score hits at the box office. Naga Chaitanya created a niche for himself realizing his strengths quickly after burning his hands in his quest for mass following. However, after scoring a hit with romantic entertainers Ye Maya Chesave, 100% Love and Premam, he never looked back.

His memorable films include Majili and more recently he scored a hit with Love Story. Though in between he tasted reverses when his film Thank You failed and his much talked about Bollywood debut with Aamir Khan's Lal Singh Chadda did not went off as expected, Naga Chaitanya did not get depressed. Naga Chaitanya maintained his calm and composed demur even after his marital life with Samantha collapsed.


He never made any negative comments over his estranged partner and thus maintained decorum and dignity as the grandson of two legends, Nata Samrat ANR and Movie Moghul Rama Naidu. He stays away from all the party and pub culture and though Genex people brand him as an old fashion, many praise him as Old is Gold.

Naga Chaitanya stays away from controversies and is not even on the WhatsApp groups of the younger lot. He stays in his own world once the shooting are completed, leading a peaceful life and enjoying life to the optimum. Cinejosh wishes the nicest and Coolest man of Tollywood Nag Chaitanya many more memorable moments in his personal and professional life and a beautiful happy birthday.!

NC - Nicest and Coolest - CineJosh Updated on Wed 23rd Nov 2022 09:51 AM IST
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