Aberaam Varma plays a relatable role in the romantic drama NEETHO

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Rajeev Kanakala has a key role in Neetho Movie

Neetho movie - Aberaam Varma
Neetho movie - Aberaam Varma

Over the years, by doing sensible films, Aberaam Varma has earned the image of being one of the choosiest and bankable Tollywood actors. After doing off-beat and experimental films like 'Manu' (2018) and 'Eakam' (2021), actor Aberaam Varma will be seen in a relatable young professional's role in the upcoming romantic drama 'Neetho', which is going to be released on September 30.

The Balu Sharma directorial casts Aberaam in the role of an insurance agent whose career is on shaky grounds. He is also financially not stable and, on top of that, he can't figure out what he wants on the love front.


For Aberaam, the 'handsome guy next door' role in 'Neetho' is a complete changeover from his previous outing 'Eakam', which had him in the role of a Jobless God. The trailer of 'Neetho' was released by the 'Sita Ramam' maker Hanu Raghavapudi.

The building of the romantic track seems to be quite a breeze. The English-language conversations between the lead man and his heroine (Saathvika Raj, who plays a woman from the upper crust of society), Vivek Sagar's feel-good background score, and the nature of the conflict suggest that 'Neetho' has been made to engage the young audience.

A host of character artists are also present to probably represent the thinking of the parents. The trailer ends on a quirky note by asking if your wedding is insured! We get a feeling that the template of the story is non-commercial and yet engaging like how Sekhar Kammula's 'Anand' was.

Rajeev Kanakala has a key role. Ravi Varma is seen as one of the colleagues of the male lead. The film also features Sunjiit Akkinepally, Neha Krishna, Kavya Raman, Apoorva Srinivasan, Mohit Baid and Pavithra Lokesh.

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