BFF Web Series Review

Sun 22nd May 2022 02:31 PM

BFF Web Series Telugu Review

BFF Web Series Review
BFF Web Series Review

Bff web series review

Cast:Siri Hanmanth, Ramya Pasupleti, Praneeta Patnaik


Director: Bhavan Macharla

Cinematography:Abhiraj Nair

Producers: Rahul Tamada, Saideep Reddy Borra

Banner: Tamada Media, Aha and Dice Creations

Release: May 20,2022

OTT: Aha Prime

What's Behind

Aha Prime is coming with interesting shows and webseries. Bff captured the imagination of all as it is the adaptation of English show Adulting  and featured Bigg Boss fame Siri Hanumanth. The webseries comprised of 5 episodes and started streaming on Aha Prime Video. Let us see what BBF offered to viewers.

Story Review

Eluru based girl Nitya Kolahari (Sri Hanumanth) who gets a software job in Hyderabad comes across Tara Yadav (Ramya Pasupuleti) as both are in search of accommodation. Both decide to stay in an apartment. To find out about their characteristics, life styles, way of thinking and whether they are able to get along with each other and what twists and turns take place in their lives, enjoy BBF on Aha Prime Video.

Artists,Technicians Review

Director Bharghav Macharla tried to generate fun and attract genex movie lovers trying to bring in native feel to the adaptation of the English show Adulting. But the harder he tried, the tougher it became as the idea of updating the series itself misfired as they lacked the emotional connect. Though the outlook of the genex girls and the modern life style has been showcased in a perfect manner, the narration lacked the real twists and turns in the episodes and everything turned flat. Everything looked fake and artificial and the characterisations failed to connect with the viewers. Even the so called humour or other emotions like sentiments and romance failed miserably.

Bigg Boss fame Siri Hanumanth slipped into the role effortlessly. She performed well and also attracted with her looks. Ramya Pasupleti came up with an average performance. She struggled to get into the thick of her role and as the narration proceeded she looked comfortable. Anjali of Idreams performed well as  the mother of Siri. Praneetha Patnaik did well. For all their hard work, director failed to come with good story, strong screenplay to elevate it on screen. All the five episodes turned out to be tedious to watch.

Abhiraj Nair with his camera angles got a realistic feel to the story. He with his cinematography beautified the episodes on screen. Music and BGM are ok and could have been better to give more excitement to the viewers. Editing left a lot to be desired. There are many drags in the story which slowed the tempo testing the patience of the viewers. Production values are good.


Siri Hanumanth

Missing emotions


Story,Screenplay, Direction


Music, BGM


Rating Analysis

Bharghav Macharla planned to use Bigg Boss fame Siri Hanumanth to connect chords with the genex viewers with BBF, an adaptation of English show Adulting. However, despite Siri's spirited performance, the web series failed to attract viewers in any manner as BBF lacked the originality and misfired on all fronts.